Textbook Hassle

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Students attending Snow College can buy their textbooks from the campus bookstore located in the Greenwood Student Center, but many also use various other methods to purchase required materials. 

The campus bookstore is an easily accessible place students can buy textbooks and supplies. The staff is willing to help students find whatever it is that is needed.

Jeana Cheney, Snow College Bookstore Manager, explained that the staff try to create a light, happy atmosphere for the students because buying materials can be stressful.  She also explained that the bookstore offers low priced rentals and buybacks every day as long as the books are in good condition and the students bring their I.D.

The bookstore also offers price matches for books bought and shipped from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Jadre Mortensen sits outside of the Lucy Phillips Building. Photo by Terin Crane

While the prices of books in the bookstore may be considered high for some, the price comes with the knowledge that one is getting a book in good condition that could, if the class requires it, come with supplemental materials. Whereas, online buyers never really know what condition the textbook will be in or if the book comes with the supplemental materials, and cannot know for sure when the textbooks will arrive.  

In addition to the campus bookstore and online options, students also purchase textbooks from past students. Libby Clawson, a Freshman at Snow College, said, “I bought several of my books from the bookstore and several from student sellers in my building.” There are many ways for a student to purchase textbooks. For some, buying from various sources, like Libby did, works well.  

Not only can students buy textbooks from the campus bookstore, which has a buy back feature and a price match policy, but buying from previous students or other websites such as amazon.com, valorebooks.com, thriftbooks.com, and bigwords.com are options that are available as well.   

Terin Crane is a student at Snow College. She will be graduating in the Spring of 2018 and then transferring to Utah State University. Terin’s love of literature has caused her to pursue a major in English Teaching. As a senior at Gunnison Valley High School, Terin was awarded Top English Student by all of the English teachers. Terin has travelled to New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco.

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