Thanking the SBO’s Before They Go

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As student body elections come to an end and the new student body is announced, it is a time to reflect back upon the current student body and the effort and time they put into the school year for the students of Snow.
From amazing races to free food to mardi gras, Badger Bites, to drive-in-movies, the SBO’s have tried to create different events for everyone to participate in.
Sadie Arnold, sophomore at Snow, states, “I love attending events put on by the SBO’s, but my favorite events are soup nights! I think it’s something that people can look forward to throughout the week of school and homework, especially in the winter! I love that they are still doing things to keep the student body motivated despite everything that has been happening with covid!”
The current SBO team has been able to motivate and cheer students up during the school year, not just with events but also their characters and personalites. Cami Poulson, freshman at Snow, shares her experience she had at one of the events: “It was fun when the SBO’s gave us dessert, because who doesn’t like dessert? They also complimented my shoes and it made my day!”
While the students at Snow have seen their effort, the SBO President and Vice President recognize the effort of their team and everyone who has helped them thus far in creating the year that they did.
Matt Griffin, SBO President, states, “It has been amazing! Working as an SBO has given me so many different challenges and opportunities that have helped me be a better student and person. The advisors help a lot and the experience is life changing.”
Rhiannon West, SBO Vice President, also shares her gratitude at the opportunity to serve the student body alongside the people she has worked with when saying, “My time being the Student Body Vice President has been the greatest experience and challenge I have faced.”
She contines saying, “This year has been crazy but I never would have been able to do it without my incredible team. I admire each team member’s dedication to the students here on campus and their service to Snow College.”
With COVID-19, events were tricky to plan, but this current SBO team was able to pull it off and give students unique ways to be involved while being safe.
Thank you to Matt Griffin, President, Rhiannon West, Vice President, Brady Curtis, Executive Asst., the whole SBO team, and their advisors for the year they were able to give the students of Snow College.

My name is Danielle Pidcock! I am a student at Snow college where I have been studying communications and will be graduating this semester with my associates in science as well as a certificate of proficiency in communications. I have been part of the Snowdrift team for about two years and love every part of it. I joined for my love of writing and how it can influence people for the greater good. Hopefully my articles, though they may just be about events here at Snow, will influence readers in a way to love and cherish the life they have been given.

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