What Thanksgiving Traditions Do Snow College Students Have?

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Macy's Thanksgiving parade. Photo courtesy of Nautica.com

Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Photo courtesy of Nautica.com

Most students already have their ways of celebrating thanksgiving—some have family traditions that have been passed on through generations, while others are starting up new traditions to make Thanksgiving more personal each year. Below, Snow College students share how their family incorporates tradition into their Thanksgiving celebrations:


“My family always has a party called pie night. It’s always the night before Thanksgiving. A lot of my extended family comes to it and it’s just a whole ton of pies and junk food and it’s awesome!” – Wyatt Dilley

“Every thanksgiving morning we all get together and do a “turkey shoot” and shoot clay pigeons.” – Brooklyn Smout

“Every year each kid in my family is assigned to make their own pie. It’s so fun to try every one’s pies and see what flavor they decided on.” – Suzanne DeGraffenried

“Our Thanksgiving isn’t complete without skeet shooting after dinner.” – Rylan Krissman

“For Thanksgiving we always wake up and watch Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Also, before we eat we go around the table and list something we’re thankful for. Yeah, it’s really cheesy, but it really unites our family and reminds us of what we should be grateful for” – Mitchell Frost

Looking for new traditions for Thanksgiving? Try incorporating the traditions shared above by fellow Snow College students, as well as some in this list:

  1. Start the day with an indulgent, relaxing breakfast
  1. Write thanks on butcher paper tablecloth and drape it over the Thanksgiving table
  1. Let everyone make a “gratitude toast” about the things they are thankful for
  1. Take a long walk together after dinner
  1. Stay connected with family members far away during the Thanksgiving holida

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