The Coals of Christmas Movies

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Christmas is known for having good movies, especially those that have become traditions to watch, but not all Christmas movies are joyous. Where there’s good Christmas movies, there’s a few bad apples out there. Here’s a group of movies, considered to be the worst out there when it comes to Christmas:

The tale of the Nutcracker was transformed to take place in World War II, with The Nutcracker in 3D, and it did not do well with audiences. With terrifying CGI, it turned the dream like story of The Nutcracker into a nightmare, with frightening imagery and bad character designs.

Within the “Star Wars” franchise, there’s an infamous holiday special, considered to be the worst movie within the series. It aired only once on television, focusing on Chewbacca trying to get back home to his family in time for “Life Day” (their version of Christmas). While Star Wars has a faster pace, the “Stars War Holiday Special” is slow, showing Chewbacca’s family watching television for a majority of the special.

There’s a large group of animated Christmas films out there, one of which is The Christmas Tree. The Christmas Tree is about a group of orphans who are treated poorly by the caretaker. Because of this, the orphans decided to turn to a tree in the yard as a sign of hope. The animation of the movie is very poorly done, with characters who are too still for an animated movie. The voice acting is just as bad though, where lines are hard to understand or said in a monotone voice.

Another poorly made animated movie is Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa. The movie is about the kids of Rapsittie Street exchanging gifts and learning the true meaning of Christmas. The animation is hard to look at, with poor textures and movements. It aired once in 2002, but was never shown again as it got really bad reviews.

These movies are considered to be unwatchable, but for students and families looking for a movie that is considered to be awful but still fun to watch, then these are the movies for them.

Jordyn Catherall is from Herriman Utah, but is currently attending Snow College. She’s an English major who hopes to make it to Brigham Young University to complete her Bachelor’s and move on to becoming an author. She was a Sterling Scholar in high school, and is in the presidency of two clubs; Book Club and H.E.R.O.E.S Club. She’s an ambitious sophomore who is excited to take on Snow College.

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