The Cold Hard Fun

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Photos taken by Cory Childs

Photos taken by Cory Childs

Why do they do it? Why do they go brave the elements of the cold icy wind for the hope to catch fish? They do it because they love it. Not many people will wake up early on a Saturday morning to sit in the cold for fun, except the Natural Resource Club here at Snow College when they went up to the top of Fairview Canyon to Scofield Reservoir.

Let’s face it: life on the ice can be cold and boring, and these rustic students do their ice fishing the traditional way. They take out a bucket on the ice, flip it upside down and sit down. Then they wait; anyone who has fished before knows that with fishing comes patience. Plus, the danger of falling though, if you don’t respect the ice, if it’s not thick enough not only are you not respecting it, but you are also taking a huge risk. Most people get frightened when you hear the ice crack but all it means, mostly, is that it is expanding and freezing even more.

You would think there is nowhere to go ice fishing right now because of this weather but some will find a way. Some places in Utah still have snow if you go high enough. All you have to do is travel to an elevation 7,618 feet and you are set, like at Scofield. The fish also don’t swim too far from the bottom, but stay close to shore and drop your lure almost to the bottom for the best results.

When a person goes fishing, they want to catch a fish, or better yet, several fish. That’s true whether we’re talking ice fishing or open water fishing, but sadly, the Natural Resource Club only caught one fish on their trip.
When the fish aren’t biting, you find a few things to entertain yourself with, from ice wrestling to sledding down the hill. “Doesn’t matter how many fish you catch; as long as you don’t fall through the ice, it’s been a good day.” says Taylor Ray, a member of the club. The fish count could have been higher, but undoubtedly, the club had an enjoyable day out on the lake, fishing, sledding, and enjoying one another’s company.

Breanna is currently on her final semester at Snow College and majoring in Communication,emphasizing in Public Relations. School involvement is very important to her so she is actively involved on campus between working in Student Success, a Student Body Advocate, multiple clubs, and writing for the Snowdrift. She considers herself a caffeine dependent life form who is usually found with a Pepsi in hand and if not it's in her backpack. Breanna has more shoes, specifically Vans that she is usually wearing and always paired with matching socks. Yankees are the best, end of discussion.

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