The Communications Club

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Photo courtesy of David Dickinson

Photo courtesy of David Dickinson

The Communications Club at Snow College, which is headed by David Dickinson, is in the process of expanding its department by receiving production equipment.  This club looks to help Snow College students with their interests in digital media.

From its beginnings under former director Ivo Peterson, the Communications Club aims to modernize itself in the ever-changing world of social media.  Dickinson looks to do this through the creativity and imagination of the students.

“Everything we do is based on creativity,” said Dickinson when asked about the club. “Students create their own ideas and we aid them in making their ideas happen,” he continued.

In the club, students are asked to come up with ideas for ‘webisodes,’ or a series of videos with a similar link.  These webisodes can range anywhere from comedy to mini television shows.

Students learn about script outlines, lighting techniques, basic camera operation, editing and special effects. They bring to the club their own ideas, which are then developed to form videos of all sorts.  The club provides the tools and instructions necessary to bring these ideas to life.

The communication department recently purchased new production equipment, which will include a lighting kit, a green screen, and several professional cameras.  Dickinson is eager for the equipment to arrive so that he and his tech tools class can begin filming and editing their videos.

Dickinson also mentioned, “The club wants to fit the needs of the students.  There is really no limitation on what a student can do.”  When asked about his vision for the club, Dickinson responded, “The club is what the students want it to be.  I am just there to aid in that process.  The students are free to create any concept they can imagine.”

Videos created by the students will be uploaded to and also, which was created specifically for Snow College students. is still in its infancy and is in the process of being finalized so any videos are yet to be uploaded.  It will serve as the main hub for student created videos.

Communication Club meetings are held every Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. in the Lucy Phillips Building, classroom 217.  Dickinson also encouraged students to email him at for any questions or concerns.

Dickinson finished by saying, “Anyone interested should just join.  The possibilities are endless in the world of digital media.”

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