The Door to a Relationship

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Janell Starr demonstrates how to keep first dates at bay by putting a C-collar on them at the beginning of the date.  Photo by Crystal Snow

Jimmy Allen goes in for a kiss on the first date but Hope demonstrates how to avoid it by pretending to be on her phone. Photo by Crystal Snow

My fellow students, peers, and college buddies_ this topic may cause some intense feelings and emotions, and I definitely think that each one of you will have your own opinion on it. Today we are discussing whether or not it is okay to kiss on the first date.

There are many different instances and theories about kissing on the first date. You have to be very careful, because if you make the wrong move, your date will be completely creeped out and not want to go out again. This goes for both girls and guys-don’t make the wrong move!

Now personally, I do not think it is okay to kiss on the first date. It is your first date for goodness sake! You are merely letting the person know that you are interested in them. Kissing on the first date is a little bit overboard. The first date is a door to a relationship, so you have to approach the situation, or the door if you will, carefully.

You have to knock on the door, let the person open it, and see if there are any possibilities behind the door. Kissing on the first date would be like barging in and breaking down the door, which is obviously an invasion of personal space and a big, “no no.”

Even if you are both feeling really good vibes from the date and you really like each other, give it at least one more hang-out or date to get to know one another and see if those feelings weren’t just “first-date jitters.”

Kissing definitely isn’t bad; I just think it is an important part of relationships that should be considered more carefully than it seems to be now days. It is a very personal and intimate thing that should mean a lot to both parties.

However, if you are one prone to kiss on the first date, keep it PG! No make out sessions, please! That is definitely a turn off. Especially to girls because it makes us feel like guys don’t want anything but the physical connection. So, both guys and girls, be respectful.

Moral of my rant:  Be smart! Be observant for good, positive vibes, and don’t let your feelings overrule the brain in your head. Kiss or don’t kiss, but be respectful.


Cheyenne Davis

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