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Snow College is privileged enough to have its very own “Ethics Bowl” team, a group where students meet and dive into discussing the varying moral concerns and limitations of current-day issues.

The Snow College Ethics Bowl team spent the months of September throughNovember practicing and ultimately preparing for the Two-Year College National Ethics Bowl, which was held virtually Saturday, Nov. 20. The Ethics Bowl team went 2-1 at the competition, winning their first and third rounds against St. Philip’s and George Military College Augusta, and losing their second round to Harper College, respectively.

At the beginning of competition season, each team is given a set of cases featuring real-world, modern-day topics and tasked with coming up with an ethical approach and response to a question posed with the case. For instance, some of the cases this year featured questions behind the morality of mandates and incentives behind the Covid-19 vaccine, to the legalities of criminalizing homelessness, as well as issues surrounding the climbing of Indigenous cultural sites and the repercussions behind the abundance of tegu and green iguana ownership in Florida.

In a given Ethics Bowl round, two opposing teams will address their own, separate-given case, the question given along with it, and what they believe to be the strongest ethical response to said question. The structure follows that one team will present their case. After the presentation, the opposing team is given a chance to make inquiries about the presentation, at which point the original team will build a response, and then will be examined one final time from the round’s judges before the ball is passed to the other team for their presentation of their case and question, and the process repeats. The judges then select whatever team they believe to have the strongest ethical response as the winner of the round.

Students interested in getting involved with the Ethics Bowl team can reach out to head coach Dr. Gregory Wright for more information. Taking the ethics class here at Snow College is another way to get immersed into these types of discussions!

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