The Fires Rage On

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Wildfire season is off to a devastating start. Currently two million acres across the United states have been burned by wildfires.

In previous years, wildfires have only burned around 500,000 acres by this time in the year. This is roughly ten times the average from the previous years. These wildfires have devastated the states of Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Colorado.

Most of the fires in Kansas and Oklahoma have been massive grass fires. In Kansas, most of the fires are started by planned fires that are restarted or spread out of control. The fires this year have yet to be decided on what started them.

Drought is something that the people of Oklahoma worry about. The state of Oklahoma has received a sparse 0.01 of an inch of rain so far this month. This less than 1% of the typical March rainfall.

Drought and the ongoing warm, dry, breezy weather are the perfect combination for fires to spread. It is also said that 84% of United States wildfires are started by people.

These wildfires have not only burned land, but they have also taken lives of livestock. Around one million head of cattle have been taken by these deadly wildfires.

Because of the land being burned, ranchers are finding it hard to feed the livestock that did survive the fires. Many people have donated hay to those devastated ranchers to help feed their livestock. Not only has hay been donated, but fencing supplies as well as milk replacers for the calves that lost their mothers in the fires have been donated as well.

The outreach to those that have been affected is overwhelming. This is because not only are the wildfires affecting those states that have been scorched by the fire, but it will affect the people of this country. The fire services in the affected states hope to see these fires dwindle, but they are predicting that they could only get worse.

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