The Forgotten Carols

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The Forgotten Carols is a Christmas play originally by Michael McClean, but was directed by Davis Underwood in the adaption by Snow College that played through November 29th-30th and December 1st- 2nd. 

The Forgotten Carols started out as a collection of songs by McClean. It is a collection of the lost carols about the birth of Christ told by the “forgotten” characters in the original Christmas story. These “forgotten” characters included the innkeeper that turned Mary and Joseph away, the shepherd that fell asleep and missed the angel’s proclamation, and the woman who couldn’t have children but met Mary and the baby Jesus. These characters all told the story of Christ from their own perspective. McClean wrote The Forgotten Carols as a story to accompany the songs he had written for these “forgotten” characters. 

In the program, Davis Underwood, the director, said, “I am grateful we have the chance to tell this story to the people of Sanpete County and share the message of Christmas.” He later said that he wanted to show the truth of the original play through this rendition. He wanted to portray heart and the message of John’s mission, the main character in the play, and to share the spirit of Christmas with those willing to listen. 

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Kellie Harrison

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