The Grammys 2021

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Taylor Swift gets album of the year award for Folklore

On March 14th 2021, the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards happened. Many celebrities were there, such as Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce. There were a lot of different performances as well. The first Grammys took place in 1959 on May 4th. It is one of the four major American entertainment awards, the others being the Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, and the Tony Awards. The Grammys were a way to celebrate recording artists in 1958, and were also a way to show off who should have a Walk of Fame star. 

A lot of outfits for the 2021 Grammys were amazing and expressed bold colours, as well as the different personalities of the celebrities wearing them. Dua Lipa wore a nice pink shimmering dress from Versace, Megan Thee Stallion wore a bright orange stress from Dolce & Gabbana, and Harry Styles wore a black leather suit with a green scarf from Gucci. 

The biggest part of the Grammys is the awards, and some that were given out included Taylor Swift’s album Folklore for best album, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga’s song Rain On Me for best Duo/Group Performance, and Watermelon Sugar by Harry Style for best solo performance. 

This year’s Grammys featured several unique performances: Harry Styles performed one of his most popular songs, Watermelon Sugar, whose music video has over 200 million views on Youtube. Nena Bradley, an upcoming student coming to Snow College next year says, “I really love Harry Styles, so it was nice to see him perform one of my favourite songs by him!” Bradley is a huge Harry Styles and One Direction fan, and watched the Grammys all night just to see Styles perform.

The Grammys are a perfect way to celebrate musicians in the entertainment industry, and this year it is respectable that they’ve all been making music during a pandemic. Taylor Swift herself released two albums last year. It’s great to see these artists getting the respect and recognition they deserve.

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