The Grit Center Offers $500

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The GRIT center has found a way to reward students for not only launching a business but even just coming up with an idea.

The event titled Bootstrap your Business gives any students who sign up to participate the chance to pitch their business ideas to a group of other students with a chance to win $500. 

Each student is given two minutes to try and sell their idea to the crowd who then votes on ideas they would most like to see come to fruition. 

In addition to getting valuable feedback and potential questions answered by the crowd, food is provided and there are plenty of chances for prizes and rewards for people who wish to attend but don’t want to pitch their idea.

Paige Light, previous participant of the event said, “Just by participating, it gave me so many more ideas on how I could better grow and expand my business and motivated me to be a better business owner.”

Be sure to follow @grit_center on Instagram to see when the next bootstrap is as well as other events, you can also look for the signs around campus or even take the trip to the GRIT center early to get some advice on your pitch.

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