The Man With a Deep Voice: Corpse Husband

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Corpse Husband is a popular content creator on YouTube. He became famous for playing the popular video game, Among Us, and having a distinct deep voice. Corpse has gained over seven million subscribers and is a faceless YouTuber, meaning he’s never shown his face. All parts of his identity are kept a secret. 

There are a lot of reasons behind Corpse’s success, such as streaming video games with one of the biggest content creators, Pewdiepie, aka Felix Kjellberg. His voice and energy ended up drawing a lot of people to him. Eliza (last name), a student at Snow College, says, “ I watch Corpse probably two to four times a week, depending on what my schedule is like and what I can find.” 

Corpse also joined AOC’s extremely popular stream. AOC is a New York senator who invited several streamers to play Among Us with her on Twitch. Corpse also has a small group on both Twitch and YouTube that has been named by fans as “Amigops” which consists of Corpse and his friends Sykkuno, DisgusedToast, and Valkyrae. 

Corpse isn’t just a content creator, however. He has also dabbled in music. His recent songs have become very popular, the biggest one being, “E-Girls Are Ruining My Life,” which currently has 28 million views on YouTube.  His music channel, which is just labeled as CORPSE has about two million subscribers so far on it. An older student here at Snow, Eric says about Corpse’s music, “I like his music, some songs have elements of humor and others talk about more serious topics. I love [the song] Agoraphobic because of it talking about mental health and being relatable.” Corpse’s voice has been great when put into music, it gives his music a much edgier feel.

Corpse’s popularity is very earned, and he has gone through a lot. It’ll be nice to see how he goes about this year, and what happens with him. He seems to be very beloved by many, and a lot more people are discovering who he is.

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