Questions Loom in the Minds of (Wo)Men: What A Girl Thinks

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Photo courtesy of Olivia

Photo courtesy of Olivia

Girls can seem like aliens with their over thinking and making things way too complicated. Have no fear! Guys have asked what’s on their minds and I’m here to help.

I polled the men of Snow College to find out popular questions they have for ladies. They varied from silly to serious and here are some answers to the many I received.

How do you tell when a girl has friend-zoned you?

Everyone experiences the curiosity of wanting to know if your crush likes you the way you like her. However, it’s not always clear when she places you into the limbo known as the friend zone. Some ways to know if you have landed in this limbo is to pay attention to how she talks to you. If you hear the words, bro, dude, or you’re like a brother to me, then you need to get out while you can because she is clearly not interested.

Is there such thing as a tactful way to break up?

Unfortunately no, there is no way you can tactfully break up with someone. You can however be a decent person and not do it over the phone or through a text. The best thing you can do is to do it in person so the person knows you are sincere and not a total jerk.

Are girls o.k. with being ‘just friends’?

Sure, nothing’s wrong with having someone of the opposite gender as a friend. What’s wrong is when you toe the line of friend and boyfriend. You can send very mixed signals when flirting and cuddling. If you want to be a friend, avoid things you would do with a girlfriend so you don’t ruin the relationship.

Is it that scary to ask guys out?

YES! All girls, whether they want to admit it or not, want to be seen as princesses. No princess would ask out a guy but a true gentleman would ask out a princess. To us, asking out a guy is a very foreign thought. Just buck up and ask us, you never know where it will lead without daring to ask in the first place.

Why can’t you make up your mind?

We don’t actually know what we want. When you compare a guy making decisions to a girl, guys know what they want, they find it, then get it. Girls, however, like to weigh our options and look for what will suit our needs the best. Then, when looking for what we think we want, we find things that we like more, starting the whole process over again. It’s like a never ending cycle of decision making. So don’t rush us.

Maybe this gave you helpful insight into the brains of women or it just confused you more. Either way, now you get the feeling of how girls’ brains truly work.

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