The Native American Club Brings Culture to Snow

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The Native American club is a new club at Snow that takes members back in time. The club brings together Natives along with non-native that are interested in Native American culture.   

The club meets in the multicultural center in the Greenwood Student Center every Tuesday at 5 PM or the first Tuesday of every month. Within the club, they make traditional native American food like fried bread, along with learning about the history and traditions of native Americans, and plan future activities. 

“We enjoy each other’s company, and talk about what other activities we can do” Katrina Lee, club president said. “The goal for the club is to get us known, I feel like we are so small no one knows we exist.”    

One of the up and coming events that the club has planned is a trip Havasupai in Arizona. Havasupai is an Indian reservation that is known for it’s waterfall and is surrounded by the Grand Canyon.  

“The club benefits Snow College by allowing Native Americans students to fit in” Lee said. “We are probably the least diverse group on campus and for me, having the Native American club makes me close to home.”  

The club is open to all people who are interested in learning more about Native American history outside of a history class. The club finds more interactive ways to learn and has fun activities for members to participate in. 

Jeni Goff is from the small town of Ely Nevada, but has lived the last five years of her life in Tooele Utah. She is currently a sophomore at Snow College and plans to graduate in 2019. Her major is communications.

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