The Sitting Tree

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Bryce Coker enjoys writing in his spare time. An engineering major, Bryce is proud of his writing success. Photo courtesy of Shawnara Troup

Bryce Coker enjoys writing in his spare time. An engineering major, Bryce is proud of his success. Photo courtesy of Shawnara Troup

Written by Bryce Coker

On top of a hill, a far away hill, one that is perfectly rounded, sat a tree. It was a beautiful tree, an old tree. On this hill, there also sat a boy. This was his favorite hill to climb because of the sitting tree. It had places to sit, both high and low, branches to climb, and branches to throw. This was the sitting tree. The boy would visit as often as he could to just be with his tree. Stories were told and adventures were had by two friends up on the hill, a boy and his sitting tree.

As time went by, their adventures grew and the stories got better. Each one knew how to amuse the other. They met every day on top of this hill. They were both so happy, so complete. One day, the tree was waiting for the boy, but he didn’t show up. The tree was sad but gave the boy the benefit of the doubt; something probably came up that he couldn’t miss. The next day came but still no sign of him. This went on for a week- the tree would wait and wait, but no boy.

Finally, on a foggy Saturday morning, the boy returned to his sitting tree. He was there all day. The boy explained that he was in high school now and also on the football team, but the tree was just happy to see him. This would be their new friendship, being able to see each other on Saturday, and what a marvelous day Saturday would be. It was the best day of the week by both accounts. It was a magical day, a beloved day, one that was full of joy; it was the day for the boy and his tree.

Things were great again and they were for a while. As time passed, they boy grew into a man and the tree had been cut down into a mere stump. Now it was just a man and his stump, and as we all know, humans need someone special in their lives, someone to share their memories with. The man longed for a woman to share the memories of his tree with. He searched high and low, and after a couple years of searching, he found his soulmate. The reception was atop the hill where his tree used to be. It was the most amazing wedding of the century. Years later, along came a baby boy. Meanwhile, on top of the hill, came a little tree right next to where the old one used to be. Soon it would once again be, a boy and his tree.

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