The Snow College App and Its Uses

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Looking for a way to look at everything in Snow College in one tight, convenient spot? Look no further than the Snow College app!
Though it is widely used by many students, a shocking number of them neglect it; this is a shame, as the Snow College app is able to provide quick and easy access for everything from on-campus jobs to the latest sports stats.
The homepage of the Snow College app reminds students of their current schedule; the next tab, shaped like a Greek colosseum, gives students access to plenty of campus-related information such as the Student Clubs page, the Canvas App, Badger Web, the Online Bookstore, Campus Events, Badger Sports, and many more.
Later on in the next tab is the student feed; this is a discussion board open to all students, giving them free reign to talk about everything from plugs for different organizations to questions about lost and found items.
In asking about the Snow app and its usefulness, sophomore Dane Robertson says, “I love how organized it is – how it has your schedule and everything you need on it, as well as the large number of topics talked about in the comments section”.
Furthermore discussing the Snow app’s usefulness, sophomore Megan Rasmussen says, “I like how student life keeps you updated on the events going on.”If there are any questions about Snow College and the high number of things it offers, the Snow College app is the place to go!

Porter Jensen is an English major in his sophomore year of college. He considers himself a fanatic of ice cream, Batman, and dogs. In his free time he enjoys reading, longboarding, and hiking.

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