The Struggles of Dating

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Dating is one thing that everyone struggles with at least once in their life. Dating during this day and age is very difficult especially due to technology and other social media trends. 

People have genuinely adapted the habit of hiding behind the cellphone and a computer. How to date without hiding behind technology can be intimidating, but there are many benefits to asking someone out in person or at least over a phone call rather than a text, Direct message, or Snapchat. Aubrey Glines, a Snow College student, said, “Asking in person is the way to go, if you ask over Instagram or snapchat it is a big turn off. It shows me that the guy isn’t hiding behind a phone to ask a girl out and it shows they have enough confidence to talk to a girl face to face.” Confidence is a huge factor when dating, people are more attracted to people who carry themselves in a confident way. 

Another factor to asking someone out in person is the nonverbal communication and reaction that is more visible to see if the individual is interested or not. There is something that is amazing about asking someone out in person. Girls love if they feel like the guy they are dating is brave, this has to do with feeling like they are protected. Being able to ask a girl out in person shows that the guy is courageous. Also, guys and girls feel it’s a lot harder to say no to someone when it is face to face rather than over a screen. 

Think about the statement everything on the internet is not true. Shocking right? People tend to lie on social media about themselves to make them look more appealing to others. A lot of the times this can lead to disappointment. It’s like a kid getting a McDonalds kid’s meal and the kid is really excited about the toy he/she will get and it turns out to be not to be what they wanted. Erica Barker, another Snow College student, says, “This guy asked me on a date over social media and he seemed really sweet but turned out to be really self-centered, this made the date really awkward. I had no desire to go on another date with him again.” 

Boys and girls, it is more beneficial to ask a girl on a date in person rather than over text or through social media. Bring back the romance and magic that was seen in the older generation. 


Autumn was born in a small town called West Haven right on the outskirts of Ogden. She loves dance and cheerleading, she grew up dancing and doing gymnastics, and currently cheers at Snow College while working on her education to get her associates degree in communications. Autumn also plays piano. She loves anything outdoorsy including hiking, camping, and atving. She’s a very happy, outgoing person who has dedicated her life to serving others, her education and bettering herself.

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