The Walking Dead Finally Returns

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Photo Courtesy Google Images

Photo Courtesy Google Images

The Walking Dead is finally returning for a sixth season. The season six premiere is less than two weeks away. People who are not caught up with the seasons can watch all of the previous seasons on Netflix. Start watching now before it’s too late. The Walking Dead is known as being the most intense show on television. Season 5 left the show with new threats and reunited characters. It just made everyone that was watching wonder what is going to happen next.

Greg Nicotero, special effects artist for the show, teased fans saying that the script of season 6 episode 1 was “the riskiest script they have ever executed.” The biggest question for season 6 is what is Morgan going to bring to the table? We know he is a “Walker” killing machine, but how is he going to fit in with the group? He has been a solo act for a very long time. Will Morgan and Rick be able to work together?

After certain events at the end of last season, it seems like the leadership role is going to shift over to Rick. So the question we have now is will Rick be able to lead a civilization? Everyone that watches knows what happened to Rick and his civilization at the prison. Will Rick be able to keep Alexandria a safe place? Or will he turn it into a place that people do not want to be in. Most of the people in Alexandria have been living normal lives. Will the intensity of Rick make people want to leave Alexandria?

The “walkers” are never the only threat to Rick and his group. Season 5 introduced us to a new threat that will be lurking in season 6. A group called the “Wolves” are a group of people that kill people that are not members of the group. Can Rick get rid of the Wolves? Or will the Wolves destroy Alexandria and send Ricks group fleeing once again. There are so many questions that will be answered in season 6. From trailers it looks to be the craziest season yet. Who is going to be the next major character death? It is going to be a crazy season. The first episode will be aired October 11th. Just remember one thing when you are watching season 6 of the walking dead. If Daryl dies we riot.

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