The Way a Badger Walks

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Walking across a stage, shaking hands with a few random important people, and receiving a life-changing piece of paper is not a new experience for anyone who graduated High School. One process some Snow College Badgers might not be familiar with, however, is the graduation application. If you are still planning on graduating this year, there will be a $50 fee associated with your application as by the time you are reading this article the deadlines will have passed.

Graduation will be an all day event beginning at 8:00 A.M. and going to noon on May 4. The ceremony will take place in the Eccles building.

An interesting option available to graduating Badgers is the opportunity for awards. For those of you who enjoy a solid 3.5 Grade Point Average and above, you can receive honors awards as recognition of your hard work and sacrifice.

Those of you who are looking forward to graduation next year, make sure that you are on top of it! There are many options for the graduating Badger, with a suite of awards, certificates and honors available. A majority of this information is available on the Snow College website by following this URL:

Graduation is the next step towards a bright Badger future, and that future is your future! Keep your eye on the website for all of the important deadlines!

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