Things to do in Ephraim, Utah

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Living in Ephraim, at times it may seem like there is truly nothing to do. But when being surrounded with nature and a lot of school activities there is always something to do. Students at Snow College do a variety of activities their free time.


“We like to play volleyball, usually every night.” Says Wayne Mausia. It is an option for students to get together in the Activity Center to play volleyball, basketball, and just lift.

There is truly a lot of things to do at Snow, but first of all you have to get involved and look for the fun. If you look for it, you will truly find it. But you have to be willing to put yourself a little out of your comfort zone. For example, go to a basketball, soup night, or attend another school event.


Kathy Ramos tells us a little more of what she thinks is fun at Snow College.

“I love to spend time with friends. We like to go out to dinner, and just have fun with each other’s company.”


Thadeus Teixera tells us, what he does at Snow College for fun. “I love to walk, class to class meeting new people along the way. I get a bite to eat usually at the Badger Den and I go to the gym. If I see a friend, I love to stop and chat and see what they are doing. I also love to interact with my professors from the current and the past semesters.”


Brissa Aguilar tells us, “I like to hang out with people at the MCC, and talk to friends. I love to hike the S with my friends, and I love to go out and eat.”


“I like watching movies with friends, and I love driving around in my car called Betty. I also enjoying going bowling, although I suck. If anyone if willing to challenge me in bowling, bring it on!”  Jorge Chavez.


If there is nothing fun and can’t find something to do, students can talk to a friend, or look around on the campus for signs and information.  There is always something happening on campus. And besides, students should probably be using all of their free time studying in the library. Go Badgers!

Kathy Ramos and Stefany Marquez spend a night at Walmart in Ephraim. Photo courtesy of Stefany Marquez

Kathy Ramos and Stefany Marquez spend a night at Walmart in Ephraim. Photo courtesy of Stefany Marquez

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