Tim Tebow’s Chaste Lifestyle Mocked

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Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

Over this past weekend, former NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow, and former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo, ended their romantic relationship. In the usual tragic love story of the football star and beauty queen, she gets her heart broken by the jock that chooses his passion for athletics over her. Not in this tragedy. According to Deseret News quote from US Weekly, Culpo ended things “due to his virginity vow.”

Tebow’s fame that stems from his Christianity has risen again, in an even more negative manner. Tebow expressed his love for her through love letters, notes, and verbal expression. This was not enough for Culpo to get over his chastity wall. Even though Tebow tried to stay in contact, his way of life is too much and obviously not enough at the same time for the former pageant queen.

This is not the first case of an NFL player being noticed for his abstinence. As Deseret News reporter, Herb Scribner, wrote a few months back, “Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson announced that he and his girlfriend, the singer Ciara, were going to “do it ‘Jesus’ way’ and live a life of celibacy until they tie the knot.” Wilson states the fact that,  “Can we love each other without that? If you can really love somebody without that, then you can really love somebody.”

Glenn Beck backs Tebow in a Facebook post stating, “30 years ago it would have been the guy breaking it off and everyone would have cheered for the woman. Now she breaks it off and everyone mocks the guy. Good for you Tim! The right girl will be worth the wait and this will only help you find the right girl.”

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