Tis the Season to Put In a DVD

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Photo by Taylor Peterson

Photo by Taylor Peterson

There are some movies that we wait all year to watch. Here’s a list of eight films that you can add to your movie list during the holidays.


Van Helsing- it seems like this movie doesn’t get nearly enough credit for how awesome it is. Hugh Jackman plays the hunky Van Helsing who goes about killing dark creatures for a secret church organization. But he faces the unknown when he heads to Transylvania to try and fight off vampires who have been terrorizing a small village for centuries.

Beetlejuice-  What Halloween would be complete without a Tim Burton film? The king of creepy brings a story of a husband and wife who die in a car accident and become ghosts inhabiting their former home. They seek help from a “bio-exorcist” to get rid of the new homeowners who are turning their quaint country house weirdly modern. Just say Beetlejuice three times…

Hocus Pocus- If you haven’t seen this gem of a Halloween movie before, you are missing out on a great life experience. The spooky Disney tale starts with the Sanderson sisters who are thwarted in their attempt to gain eternal life and beauty by sucking the souls out of children. Just before they are hanged, they cast a spell that will allow them to return when a virgin lights the black flame candle…


Chicken Run- Turkeys always seem to get the worst end of the deal when it comes to Thanksgiving. But these chickens decide they’re going to change things by flying the coop before they get made into Thanksgiving potpies in this animated film.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles-   Steve Martin and John Candy play an awesome comedic duo in this film. Martin plays a family man trying to get home for Thanksgiving. He ends up traveling with Candy, who’s a flamboyant and obnoxious fellow traveler. The laughs keep coming in this film as they get themselves into strange situations as they attempt to make it home in time to cut the turkey.


A Christmas Story- Everyone remembers the iconic fishnet stocking leg lamp from this great Christmas classic. The story of Ralphie and his pursuit for that Red Ryder B.B. gun keeps you laughing in this cute Christmas tale about being a kid during the most magical time of the year.

The Santa Clause- I remember as a kid watching this movie, asking why Santa fell off the roof. Well if you want to find out, you’ll have your answer by watching this film. Tim Allen does a great job at being a reluctant replacement for Santa Claus after an accident sends St. Nick tumbling off Allen’s roof on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Vacation- Another great holiday comedy, Chevy Chase plays a family man who’s plans to host a big family Christmas turn into mayhem. Throw in the two completely different sides of the family and watch the disaster unfold.

I hope that you’ll try out some of these great films the next time you’re wondering what you should watch over the holidays.

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