Too Plugged In?

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Every day I wake up to an alarm from my phone. I check new messages from the seven hours that I was disconnected from the world, and then I proceed to check

schedules/grades/Facebook or whatever is on my mind the first thing in the morning. After doing these few things I muster up the energy to actually get up for the day. Once up though, don’t think that my phone leaves my side for the rest of my morning routine – because it sure does not.

This all didn’t happen before having a smartphone, yedt I have fallen victim to this slightly pathetic attachment to the world. Thankfully, this embarrassing amount of time that I spend on my phone is average for college students. There are so many issues that come from excessive technology such as health concerns, interaction downfall, and social problems.

As college students, most of you are aware of the over bearing amount of technology that is in one’s day-to-day surroundings. You are also aware of how useful having technology constantly at your fingertips actually is. If you have a random question: Google it. If you want to listen to your favorite song: Pandora. If you want to see if someone is single or taken: Facebook. If you want to know if you are the latest on “Snow College Crushes”, you can know in an instant. All of these resources and entertainment are just sitting in your pocket at all times.

However, the negative perspective of this is that society has become too attached. Whether you have been the one to experience it or have been the one “too plugged in”, we have all participated in a moment when while sitting in some group setting, everyone has their eyes glued to a screen not paying attention to their friends, surroundings, or their chance for social interaction. Because of this, people have forgotten how to sit through awkward silences, learn how to communicate, even when they don’t want to, and even hold a normal conversation on the phone.

Technology is heavily engrained into our society’s culture; there is no turning back now. I recognize that there isn’t a way to fully resolve all the problems presented, but I do believe that it is important that we make society aware of these things. So, how do we do this, you may ask? Start with yourself: break the habit of technology addiction. Practice self-control by putting screen time limitations on yourself, and stop using phones to procrastinate homework or other responsibilities. Try challenging yourself to focus in present moments and immerse yourself in your surroundings. By just changing your screen time habits, you are breaking the chain of addiction to technology and making a great start for this change.

From another addicted Badger,

Kiersten Rossi


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