True Badger Night is Temporarily Cancelled

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Every school year at Snow College, a certain event takes place that can excite yet also lose some interest among the students in Ephraim. The event follows a system of traditions found in high schools and major universities around the state that is kept alive by charismatic youths. 

As a way for a student to stake their claim that they are a true member of their school, they must participate in kissing someone at midnight, at a specific location and on a specific day.

A handful of college students willing to share their opinions and thoughts on Snow College’s version of the custom shows that many had a similar tradition in high school. With this in mind, many have had time to collect a solidified opinion about such traditions while others uncertain about their total interest in the event. “I think it’s stupid,” said Seth Semadeni, a sophomore at Snow College. Semadeni went on to express how, even if it were with his significant other, he would not attend the event.

With hesitation found in some students, Harrison Johnson believes that the reason people decide to attend the night of the event is due to the, “fear of missing out.” Johnson also shared that he was planning on attending and participating in the event as he has planned to bring someone he knows. 

Many students were on different ends of the spectrum as to what the best circumstance would be for attending and or participating. Similarly following Johnson’s plan for attending, many said that going with someone you know would allow for a far greater and more meaningful experience. Summarizing Oakley Gunderson’s opinion on this matter, she stated things that pointed out that those who go without someone they know is merely going because of the sexual appeal of the event. 

With advice given left and right about brushing your teeth, smelling good, and wearing chapstick from these fellow Snow College students, True Badger Night inches closer. However because True Badger Night has been cancelled on March 11 at midnight under the Bell Tower, some students have hopes of a later date that is supposed to be scheduled sometime in April. Look for upcoming news about the tradition and maybe some students will find people anticipating the promise of the evening to claim the title of “True Badger”.

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