Turn Stress into Excitement

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When the stress of student life has taken its toll, that’s when it’s time to get out and have
some true Badger fun.

Sanpete County is loaded with different activities to help relieve stress. Skyline Drive has
many different all terrain vehicles (ATV) and motorcycle trails to ride. These trails are not
limited to off-road vehicles, but can also accommodate hikers, bikers, and even horseback

The Arapeen off highway vehicles (OHV) trail covers over 350 miles of terrain and is one of
Utah’s most popular trails. Not only does this trail include Skyline Drive, but also many
other trails with canyons branching off from it. A search of “Arapeen OHV trail” on
Utah.com will provide more information and a detailed map about the trail system. If off
highway vehicles don’t get the job done, then here is something a little more relaxing.
Not far from Ephraim, located in Sterling, lies Palisade State Park. It is always a beautiful
place to camp or just hang out for a weekend. There is plenty of swimming, kayaking,
fishing and other activities to be done at the lake.

The golf course can also be a great activity to spend with friends or even for the more
experienced golfers, a bit of a challenge. There is a driving range for the beginning golfer to
try out their skills. It is great to get outdoors but indoor activities are just as exciting if not

The Sno-Cap Lanes in Ephraim will provide a good time with friends and get away from
schoolwork. Not only is their bowling great but the arcade and billiard games can be just as
enticing. The food is always good there so it’s always a good idea to have a burger and
shake following a few games of bowling.

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