The Uintah’s Catch Fire

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Volunteers during a morning brief after the fire. The volunteers went door to door to help inform residents on what to do in the “recovery and reentry phase”. Photo courtesy of Weber County Facebook

On Tuesday morning, September 5, a fire started in the Uintah Mountain area which threatened several homes.

Only a half an hour after officials received the 911 call, Highway 89 and Interstate 84 were closed off. Two hours later at 10:00 AM both the Uintah and South Weber Elementary were being evacuated. For the students safety during the evacuation parent’s ID’s were checked before they could pick their children up.  There was also 900 people evacuated to the Dee Events Center while the firefighters fought to keep the flames controlled and away from homes. Residents were allowed to return to their homes Thursday night.

“My brother, Spencer, said it was crazy to walk out of the house and see all the smoke that was in the air from the fire. A ton of the roads were shut down too so it made it super inconvenient for my friends driving to Weber” said Landon Maedgen.

A total of 18 structures were damaged or destroyed, but only 3 homes were destroyed and 2 homes were damaged. The wind that often howled through the canyon made the fire spread faster, making it more difficult to contain. The fire burned more than 600 acres.

Although investigations are still underway, the cause of the fire has been reported as a downed power line in the area where the fire started.

A few months ago Weber County Fire along with other organizations, did a 3 day fire drill in the exact Uintah area, this helped in everyone’s preparedness for the fire.

The morning of Saturday, September 9, a group of volunteers from the Weber County Sheriff’s A.R.E.S. (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) Communication Team went around to the neighborhoods that were impacted by the fire to give the homeowners information on the “recovery and reentry phase”. Homeowners were advised of safety tips for clean up. Residents were also encouraged to get the app CodeRed, which will send out alerts and call your phones in case something like this were to happen again and they needed to evacuate. Firefighter teams were also in the area still treating some hot spots.

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