Ultimate Frisbee Club Started at Snow

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The past few years the sport of Frisbee has peaked interest of people everywhere. The Wall Street Journal said, “Ultimate Frisbee combines speed, grace, and powerful hurling with a grueling pace.” Now Frisbee is a new club to Snow College.

This fall Ethan Warnock decided to make something out of a high school passion for Frisbee. After realizing he could turn Frisbee into something more, Warnock went to the Student Center and got the tools available to make Frisbee a club here at Snow College.

Starting at a simple place like Club Rush, Ethan and friends have been able to introduce the sport of Frisbee to Snow. Warnock explained how Frisbee is for everyone saying, “Playing with others is a great social experience. Each game is different it can be competitive and intense or casual and fun. Either way you get to know people and have a good time.”

The plan for next year is to have a more stable foundation for the club and to continue expanding the club. Warnock said it is the goal to become well known. He said it would be great if the club could get to a point where they can play in competitions with other teams.

Ultimately, Warnock would love to see Frisbee become an intramural sport or Snow team sport. Frisbee Club is a fun new club Snow College is excited to have. Students are always welcome to come and join in the fun the club meets every Saturday at 10 a.m. at the practice field or Activity Center Blue Gym. The club is based on creating a fun and active experience for anyone who comes and plays Frisbee.

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