Uncommon Cures for the Common Cold

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Brynn Schiffman shows the woes of having the common cold. Photo by Olivia Bailey

Brynn Schiffman shows the woes of having the common cold. Photo by Olivia Bailey

As the snow begins to fall, Snow College students will be faced with one of the most annoying illnesses known to man: the common cold. Here are some unusual cures from around the web:

Gogol Mogol is a drink from Russia and Ukraine made with egg yolk, milk, honey, and sometimes alcohol. According to healthline.com, it can help soothe a sore throat. When paired with a carb like toast, it also helps you sleep.

Another cure healthline.com mentions is lizard soup with yams and Chinese dates. Not only does it help people stay hydrated, but it can also help clear your throat and sinuses. “You’d have to trick me into drinking this,” stated Brittany Hurzeler, a Snow College student. Sadly, lizards are a difficult ingredient to find this time of year.

Healthline.com tells us that dark chocolate can soothe coughs. It has the added benefit of being delicious. Dark hot chocolate can also help people de-stress, stay hydrated, and sleep, all major benefits when finals are coming around. “I don’t think it’s a cure for coughs, I think it’s more a cure for sadness than anything,” stated Matthew Cole.

Listening to jazz music for a half hour can also help with your cold symptoms. According to besthealthmag.ca, jazz boosts our levels of immoglobulin A, which helps your immune system fight off germs that cause illnesses like the common cold.

Good old-fashioned chicken noodle soup can help ease a sore throat and replace the liquids you lose when you’re sick. It doubles as comfort food.

Snow College students should be wary when trying out new cold remedies. While some may be harmless, there are a lot of cures that may actually carry health risks. Students should be careful to check their sources and learn about the various effects of so-called cures before trying them.

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