When is it Okay to Meet the Family?

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Photo by Olivia Bailey

Photo by Olivia Bailey

So you’ve found that special someone, but how do you know if she is ready to meet your family? Or when your family is ready to meet her?

First, you need to take a look at your relationship and decide if your family and significant other really need to meet. Ask yourself questions like “Would they get along?” “Would they have anything to talk about?” and “Would they understand each other?” If they can pass this test, she can meet your family at some point, but how do you know when they’re ready?

Snow College student Kari Thompson said, “There’s not a certain length. I think just whenever you both feel like it.” So, when you’ve made sure he or she is ready.

If you think about whether your family and significant other would get along, and if your significant other, and your family are ready to meet, then you know it’s okay.

Once you’ve decided that your significant other and your family simply must meet, the best first step is to think about what they have in common, and give them something to talk about. If your significant other is a fine arts major, and your dad did theatre tech in high school, bring that up at the dinner table, remind your dad of a funny story he told when you were growing up. Also, there’s probably something that you find absolutely fascinating about your significant other; if so, bring that up as well, sell your family on why this person is the greatest thing since the invention of the iPod.

Another tip: if you have siblings, younger or older, have them get to know your boy/girlfriend. Younger siblings are still babies in your parents’ eyes, so if they like the person you’ve brought home, odds are that will be a swaying factor in your parents ultimate decision about your significant other.

If you’re bringing your special someone home for a really big family gathering, that is if your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, your obscure second-cousins, and people you aren’t sure you’re even related to are there, think about what your boy/girlfriend likes or is interested in and introduce her to a family member with similar interests, odds are with that many people in the same place there is at least one person that has something in common with your special someone.

So, there you have it. When you bring your special someone home for the first time, just be sure everyone involved, you, your boy/girlfriend, and your family are ready for it, and just be calm and don’t be afraid to show off your catch.

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