Union Performs During Homecoming Week

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Snow College’s homecoming week took place on April 12-17 and throughout the week the band Union performed on three different occasions.
Snow College’s Union group has eight different types of performance groups: Highway, Railroad, Boulevard, Spotlight, Universal, Foundry, City, and Street. There are also tech people in the Union who are in charge of different jobs on and off stage. Other people who are a part of Union choose to be incharge of the promotions where their job is to get the word out about Union events.
On Monday April 12, three of Snow’s Union performance groups (Foundry, Street, and City) went on stage during the Ice Cream Social event. Many Badgers got to know each other a little bit better as music was being performed by Union.
On Friday April 16, during the BBQ event Union Universal performed ‘Legends of Rock’. Ty Carter is a Snow College student who is also a member of the Union group. Carter performed during the BBQ event shares, “I think it went well. The band sounded good and the performance was fun. COVID-19 has caused performers to lose a ton of opportunities to play so it was cool to [finally] perform.”
On Saturday April 17, during the Tailgate Party, four of Snow’s Union groups (City, Street, Foundry, and Highway) performed to end the homecoming celebration. Nail Stucki was one of the performers on that day. Stucki shares, “When I get on stage to perform with Union Highway, I really feel like I’m performing with a bunch of friends who support me and want to see me succeed. Everyone brings different strengths to the table and it’s really fun to see how we interact as different performers with different personalities and musical backgrounds.”
Badgers can find out more about Union by going to their instagram page @snow_union

Kaylie Webster is currently attending Snow College and hopes to attain her Associate's in Science. While at Snow, Webster is also hoping to get her Communication certificate which is one of the reasons she is apart of the SnowDrift Newspaper. After Spring of 2021 Webster will be graduating and heading off to Utah Valley University to work towards her Bachelor's in Human Resource Management.

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