Utah College Students Wait To Seek Help from Counseling Services

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Utah College Students are waiting days and even weeks in order to receive help from their college’s counseling services.

The Salt Lake Tribune recently released a publication called, “Struggling students forced to wait as Utah’s public colleges don’t have enough therapists,” where author Alex Stuckey, discussed the current problem of the lack of hours and counselors at Utah’s public colleges.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Snow College students have to wait an average of fifteen days before meeting with a counselor. Students who attend Utah Valley University, Weber State University, Utah State University and Brigham Young University have to wait an average of several weeks.

Carri Jenkins, who is a Spokesperson for BYU, told the Tribune, “Students can wait three to four weeks for assistance depending on the time of year.”

More students are seeking out help from counseling services than ever before. David Bush, director of Utah State University’s Counseling and Psychological Services, told the Tribune, that he has seen more students at Utah State asking for counseling help. Bush said, “It could be that the stigma associated with mental illness is dissipating. It could be that higher expectations have led to more stress and anxiety.”

Students’ at Utah State University and Snow College are trying to solve the lack of counseling services problem by advocating for a small increase of student fees’ that will help provide another counselor for their institution’s counseling services. Snow College students who are currently waiting to receive counseling help can download the SafeUT app or contact the Student Mentors Support Line. Information about the Student Mentor Support Line can be found at https://www.snow.edu/studentlife/wellness/index.html.


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