Utah Men and Engagement Rings

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Utah men spend less on average on engagement rings than men in other states on a national level.

VenuswithLove.co.uk recently published of a list showing how much money the average man in each state will spend on an engagement ring. The wedding website discovered their findings of how much men in each state spent on engagement rings based on monthly salary.

Sian Harrison, who published the findings on Venus with Love said, “On average we saw that the US will spend 1.34 times their monthly salary, meaning a guy on a $24,000 salary will spend $2,680.”

Based on monthly salary, the men who paid the most for engagement rings are from Montana, who spend 2.22 times of their monthly salary. Nevada, Washington and Minnesota were also highly ranked.

“Nevada men are the nation’s highest spenders, splashing out an average of $9,523 for an engagement ring, closely followed by guys from Washington and Minnesota,” said Sian Harrison.

Utah ranked the 6th lowest out of all the United States.  According to Venus with Love, Utah men spend an average of $4,537 on an engagement ring. This is an interesting discovery in a state where marriage dominates the social ladder.

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