Utah Promotes Suicide Hotline

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Last Tuesday a bill proposing the creation of a statewide mental health crisis hotline was passed in the Utah Senate unanimously.


This bill is to help the process toward creating a single number that anyone in the state can call for 24/7, live person, assistance for mental health crises, move forward.


When asked about his thoughts on this bill, Hunter Palmer said, “I think it’s great that the state is taking initiative for helping those in a crisis.”  While the state has often speculated or discussed actions on behalf of mental awareness, this bill seems to have the support of most. Carra Ward, who works here at the Snow College Health and Wellness Center said,  “That’s huge and beneficial for people in crisis to be able reach outward.  Any help that leads to mental health awareness is a fantastic thing.”


The bill is now currently waiting for Utah Legislative signatures before landing on Governor Herbert’s desk.

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