UVU Transfer Day Scheduled for Next Week

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Utah Valley University hopes to recruit. Photo Courtesy of big-d.com

Utah Valley University hopes to recruit. Photo Courtesy of big-d.com

As students around campus prepare for the end of the semester, many students begin to plan for life after Snow. For some, this includes transferring to a larger university to continue their education.

Utah Valley University is one of multiple universities around the state of Utah to come to Snow to talk to students about programs and degrees, housing, scholarship opportunities, and anything else students want to know about their school. They come in hopes of informing students of everything that they have to offer.

Students around campus appreciate the schools coming to Snow. “I feel like it’s great for these universities to come here to present us students with information of their school and opportunities that they offer for us, especially those of us who want to transfer there,” said Alex Hill. “I always ask questions like what programs do they offer, what is the cost of tuition and housing, or anything else they can answer to provide me with information I need before choosing to transfer.”

Heidi Morgan provided another insight: “A lot of us don’t have time to talk to the schools when they come here,” said Morgan. “Sometimes I think it would just be easier to go there.”

For students who do have the time, however, many find it very beneficial. “It saves us time and gas, and we get the same information we would get there,” said Brandon Plante. “I think it’s great that they come here.”

Utah Valley University came to Snow College to talk to students on Wednesday, February 24. They also advertised for Transfer Day, when they will be back in the GSC with representatives from departments all over their campus. “It was awesome to be able to talk to their recruiting counselor,” said Bryce Coker. “I got some questions answered, and I’m looking forward to Transfer Day to get even more information about the program I am transferring into.”

Utah Valley University will be in the GSC on March 8 from 10 am to 1 pm to talk to any interested students about opportunities for transfer students, programs they offer, housing options, and any other questions students may have.

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