Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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Struggling for Valentines date ideas this Covid season? Here are three free date night ideas.  Take a sweetheart or a few friends and have some socially distanced fun!  Or maybe stay inside and veg out on the couch instead. Take some time to have fun and enjoy the love in the air!

Take a drive up to Lake Hill, located 5 miles away at the top of Ephraim Canyon. Go on a walk around the little lake there, enjoying the winter sights and fresh air or wait until nightfall and stargaze.  Try one of the many stargazing apps that point out the constellations and enjoy the winter stars. 

Maybe the cold isn’t for you, stay warm with some fellow Badgers and some competition.  Kahoot is a favorite of many students, with its catchy theme songs and easy to use format.  There are many premade games on the Kahoot website or make one of your own to beat your friends. 

New to Ephraim? Learn a little about the town’s history with a sweetheart on the town’s history tour.  The tour starts across the street from Maverik, there’s a big sign with all the stops on the tour.  They range from old store houses to a Native American Statue! Hannah Hix went on this tour this fall and she says, “It was neat to see the town’s history that’s all around us”.

Emily Parnell is a Sophomore communications major at Snow College. She has a great passion for writing and reading. She joined The Snowdrift newspaper to help her pursue a career in public relations.

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