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With jobs being harder to find without a college education, returning veterans are seeking a college education through the military programs.  Here at Snow we have an estimated 25 student veterans and upwards of 30 faculty veterans.  Craig Mathie and Vance Larsen are implementing a new club on campus for veterans.

The Veterans Club will be for students, faculty and staff who have or are currently serving in the military, the guard, or the reserves.  This club will serve as a place for veterans to gather and have some common grounds.  Coming from overseas to a college campus can be like moving to a foreign country.  Veterans are on edge for seeing things that people can only imagine, and adding the stress of college creates more problems.

This club will be a place for the veterans to gather and connect with others that are going through the same thing and facing the same challenges.  Mathie hopes the club will take its own course and that these students will start to leave their mark on campus.

The efforts of starting the club were first announced on Thursday Nov 13, in Convocations.  There will be a meeting about it the end of the semester and it is hoped that the club will be implemented for next semester.  Mathie and Larsen encourage veterans to contact them for more details about the club, as well as the efforts of starting it on campus.  They ask that all veterans interested email them at  For additional information, you can contact them by phone or email.  Craig Mathie: or 435-893-2216 extension 2216.  Vance Larsen: or 435-893-2216 extension 7465.

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