Player Spotlight – Delayne Daniel

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Photo credit to Gary Chidester

Photo credit to Gary Chidester

Have you ever met someone who has played a sport since the time that she could walk? Meet Delayne Daniel. Delayne has played volleyball all her life, with her parents, then in high school, and now she plays here at Snow.

“Volleyball is work. When I’m not in the gym, I’m watching videos looking how to get better and I also always have my mind on the game,” says Daniel. “There is something in volleyball that is different from the other sports.”

This is her first year hitting since her high school days, and she loves it. Her junior year in high school was the last time she hit. She was first team all-state, and the state’s MVP. Her senior year, her team was able to take the state championship and she played the position labarrow,  where again she was able to be the MVP of the state. It has been quite an adjustment for her this year because she is now hitting after playing all defense last year.  Daniel continued, “It’s a lot more pressure on me but I have been able to deal with it by relying and trusting in my teammates and not being afraid to make mistakes.”

Her teammate and best friend, Magen Hunter, supported Delayne by saying, “I’ve played volleyball with her since she was twelve. She is solid. She takes it upon herself to make sure the team is happy. She is one of those girls who can get intense and hit the ball and score. She wants the ball, wants to score. Growing up, our schools were rivals, but one thing that she does so well is she is my best friend no matter what. She was able to put things like that away and find the line. You might intimidated by Delayne walking around campus but she is the sweetest girl ever, but honestly the nicest girl you’ll ever meet.”

Head coach Craig Choate had this to say about Delayne, “She has been the surprise of the year. She was the starting labarrow  last year. Now she is holding down the outside hitting position next to the setter which offensively is the most important position, so the transition she has made is the biggest you can make in our sport, she is doing awesome.”

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