Volleyball Preview

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Craig Choate joins Snow College this year to coach the volleyball team.  Photo by Taylor Peterson.

Craig Choate joins Snow College this year to coach the volleyball team. Photo by Taylor Peterson.

Expectations are high for the women’s volleyball team as Snow College welcomes the new head coach, Craig Choate.
This is Choate’s first year at Snow College, and he has only been in Ephraim for a short time, but he brings a lot to this organization, including twenty-nine years of coaching experience at division one colleges.
He has participated in coaching at Brigham Young University (BYU), California Polytechnic State University, Pepperdine University, San Jose State University, New Mexico State University, Northern Arizona University, and Utah State University.
Choate grew up in Los Angeles, California, and attended BYU where he played volleyball for the men’s team. Choate received his master’s degree in coaching from BYU.
When asked what his expectations are for this season, he stated that he wants the team to reach their full potential. Choate said he doesn’t know what to expect in this highly competitive region, but he knows the team is not afraid of anybody, especially after a big win over sixth-ranked
Western Wyoming early in the season.
When asked if there were any standout players on the team so far, Choate first thought of Delayne Daniels, a sophomore outside-hitter who had played extremely well in an August tournament.
Choate also emphasized that he is more dedicated to having a team that plays well together, rather than a group of stars. Choate supported his statement by referencing the team’s performance in their first tournament, “We won this weekend because everybody put in a good effort and those who weren’t playing were incredibly supportive of their teammates.”
Coach Choate stated that he would like everyone to come out to the volleyball games and support the team.
The first home game is on October 3 and the team hopes to see a crowd there.

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