Volleyball Remains Number 4 in the Nation

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During Homecoming Weekend, the Snow College volleyball team took on Colorado Northwestern Community College. The Badgers won the game in only three sets. This win helped keep Snow as the number four ranked team in the nation. 

Coming off a huge win against rival school, Utah State University Eastern, the volleyball team was looking to bump their record from 16-2 to 17-2. Most of the sets weren’t close, 25-10, 25-12, and 25-20, meaning the Badgers were able to seize their 17th win of the season with relative ease. 

Regarding their opponent, head Volleyball coach Mike Daniel says, “I’ve seen CNCC play for many years. This is a team to be respected, and has some very high level players.” 

Leading the volleyball team,number 20, KJ Strong, had a total of 9 kills. Number six, Bailey Rasmussen, and number 15, Anna Staheli, also led with 6 kills each. On defense, number one, Hailee Oldroyd and number 14, Macy Short each had 6 digs while number 12, Macie Gordon had 5. 

Snow College Freshman, Emma Pearce, who attended the Saturday games says, “I really enjoyed watching the teamwork displayed in coordinating the attacks! I am so amazed at how high some of those players could jump.” 

With the win against Colorado Northwestern Community College and previous victory over rivals USU Eastern, the Snow College volleyball team continues their climb to the top. The Badgers take on the College of Southern Nevada at 6 here at Snow College on October second. 

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