We Ain’t Bored of Board Games

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As much as the world is advancing digitally today, with screen-presented entertainment being a new norm, it is no secret that board games haven’t lost their charm: they continue to bring people together in one wacky form or another, whether that be through family game night, dating, or (especially) college life.

Some of the first board games I remember ever playing are Trouble, Encore, and Chutes and Ladders, and these have evolved in crazy, exciting new ways: games like Exploding Kittens, Throw Throw Burrito and Cover Your Assets are just a few in a long list of games that throw a unique spin on the classic board game format and provide genuine laughs and competition.

One unique, physically competitive pick is called Happy Salmon, a card game that involves up to 12 players, each shuffling through a list of physical actions (fist bumps, high fives, switcheroos, etc.) that they need to match up with another person: the first to get rid of their deck wins. Millie Boyle, a proud owner of her own set of the game, says this: “It makes me feel invigorated, and energized, and happy (just like the game’s title, she adds!); it’s a great game to play with your friends and family members, and I feel like it really brings you closer with that group: you kind of bond fast because everyone gets so into it.”

Another fun pick is called Ticket to Ride, a strategy game done in the traditional piece-moving board game format. Caleb Black explains, “It’s a game about making railroads to connect America. You have various destinations you’ve gotta connect, and points that you get from going from destination to destination. Then, you draw cards, and try to make the best route to get the most points. It’s a really fun game, because it uses cooperation more than it uses competition.”

No plans for the weekend? Well, be sure to try out a board game with whatever group of people is closest, whether it be one of the examples listed above or any other in the ocean of physical entertainment that exists today.

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