What Class Will You Sign Up For?

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Ryan Aagard representing one of his favorite classes, Bowling. Photo by Cheyenne Davis

Ryan Aagard representing one of his favorite classes, Bowling. Photo by Cheyenne Davis

With registration starting up this week, just about everybody is trying to find extra classes to fill up their schedule. But who wants to fill up with boring, stressful classes? Little do you know, Snow College offers many extracurricular classes that are not only fun, but also useful towards your future.

Now who hasn’t heard about Bowling with Bob? Talk to just about every student and he or she will have something good to say about this class. Not only will you get out of this class with ultimate bowling skills, but Bob will provide what is known as, “The Bowling Tip of the Century.”

Not only can you master your bowling skills, but why not try out your face painting skills as well? Stage makeup class is where it’s at! Have you always wondered what’s up with all these strange people walking around campus looking like legitimate zombies or crazy fantasy characters? Well you too can look like that!

Maybe makeup isn’t really your cup of tea, but could building Lego robots be more to your taste? Into to Engineering could be the perfect match for you. You could maybe even be the next creator of something huge!

Maybe none of these seems to be what you’re looking for. Well, for all you sporty folk out there, Brit Maughen’s class of intramurals might just be the one. Here you have the opportunity to referee all intramural sports, such as, soccer, flag football, and softball. If you need a night to do something, think about this class.

Some may like dancing a little more than refereeing, so go put on your dancing shoes and sign up for Western Swing; after all, we are in the small town of Ephraim. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to dance like a true cowboy? In this class you can learn all the moves to woo that woman, or man.

Now not everybody has the talent of dancing, but of building. How about checking out the cabinetry class Snow College has to offer. Who wouldn’t enjoy making a little home interior?

Last but not least, Newspaper could be the class that you have been looking for all along. If you have any interest in writing, this could be your perfect match. Learn about the production of a newspaper and have the opportunity to write your own articles like this one.

Registration is a very stressful time. We’ve all been there. Take the right class semester and go check out what this school has to offer.


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