What College is About

Shantelle Hemmert seeking how she can become a better learner. Photo by April Carver

Becoming a Learner by Matthew Sanders is a book that many college students had to read, but for those who have not read it yet, what is it about?

A quick summary of the book is the author telling the reader that, “You are not in college to become an employee. You are in college to become a more capable and contributing citizen.” This statement taken straight from Chapter 1 can be taken one of two ways: One, that only people that go to college are capable and contributing citizens, or two, that the only point of college is to be at college.

Basically, what the book is saying is that college is meant to help you grow as a person, and not to get good grades and give students the skills to get a career. On the contrary, Matthew quotes a news agent director that his professor once spoke to “I don’t often hire journalism majors…I can teach anybody how to write a good news story. I’m looking for people who can think crit- ically and analytically, people who are problem solvers.”

Any student that has taken out student loans would agree that college is something that should be taken seriously. People that want to learn about life in general can do so inside and outside of college.

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