What do Utahans Eat?

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While the Newspaper staff was in Georgia the question was posed at dinner, “What do Utahans eat?”

The staff could not think of an answer to the question so they decided to ask their waitress Red what she thought Utahans ate. She replied, “Oh s***, I don’t know. What do Utahans eat?”. Because of Red’s reaction to the question the newspaper staff decided to ask the question to people that they met that were not from Utah.

While at the College Media Conference the question was asked and the answers had a large variety of answers. Susan a professor at Perimeter College and Georgia State University guessed granola bars. Her reasoning was because there are many different places to hike, so she assumes most Utahans eat granola or granola bars.

While in a conference session waiting for it to start the instructor was asking all the guests in the class where they were from so the golden opportunity opened to ask the question. Kevin from Berry College said “corn and pork.” He then walked straight up to the front of the room and asked everyone what they thought Utahans ate.  Some of the answers were “deer” (Sarah from Mississippi State University), “Green Jell-O” (Steven from Texas University), and “corn and bison” (Chad from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga).

A person on the street, who was from New York, mused, “Oooo, I don’t know. Something with cactus.”  Another student from Clemson University Savon said “Potatoes, oh wait that is Idaho.”

When asking the question “What do Utahan eat?” there was no consistent answer. The answers were from all ends of the spectrum the only repeated answer was corn. If someone is looking for a good time just ask people around what they think Utahans eat. The number of puzzled looks and confused reactions that will be received will cause many laughs.

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