What Life is Like at Snow College

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When one hears the word campus, school and homework are probably the first things that pop into mind. However, campus life isn’t just about the classes that college students go to. On-Campus Housing and activities put together by the Residence Hall Association, Student Life, and the clubs on campus are just a few of the things that help build a life on campus.

Besides classes, eating, and getting some semblance of a sleep schedule, Snow College offers a variety of things to do on campus, whether it be hanging out with some friends or making new friends. There are many clubs to choose from. The theater and music departments at Snow always have something entertaining to watch, whether it be one of the school plays or choir performances.

The Student Body Officers at Snow College also put on fun activities to help students get to know more people, enjoying some of the things Snow has to offer and making the students at Snow feel at home. Residence Assistants in the on-campus residence halls also plan activities for their own halls, like a pizza party or a video game night. This is a good way to get to meet other people and make new friends. 

When asked about their favorite part about life on campus, Zane Clegg, a student at Snow College said “It’s a really cool community. A lot of people are really kind.”

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