What to do About Procrastination

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Everyone has known that feeling of having a big essay or assignment due, but not wanting to do it so they watch videos or shows all day long. They then realize that they only have an hour until it’s due. Procrastination is fairly common with college students, since there’s so much around that they can get easily distracted by. Even here in Ephraim. There are some tips and tricks that can stop the endless hours of watching Netflix and that can stop the procrastination monster in its tracks. Here are some guides and suggestions of what could be done completing assignments and accomplishing goals.

Making a list of steps on how to achieve the goal or finish the assignment is vital, it’s important for anyone to know what they’re doing before actually doing it. Keep track of what needs to be done, and make a plan on what needs to be accomplished in the essay or assignment. Brainstorm ideas for what needs to be said, so that there are  extra ideas on what to write if needed. It also helps to stay on topic and fulfill all the requirements for the assignment.

Changing the environment is a great way to refresh. Go to the library or somewhere that there are no distractions. Having a study buddy allows one to stay on track and they can help ensure work gets done. Discuss with others about what could be written about or do for the assignment, so that other people’s insight can elevate the work.

Put down or turn off the technology around, take out all distractions. Putting away books or other activities allows one to focus solely on that assignment. Put up a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign if necessary, even if roommates become annoyed. 

Simplify the project. At first it may seem scary, but if it is split up into separate parts and a game plan is created, the assignment will be a lot easier to get through once it is planned out. 

Provide a reward for doing the assignment. Whether it’s candy or a break, give a reason to finish it and get to a certain point. You can also give a consequence for not finishing or getting to a part of it, which is a fantastic motivator.

Doing assignments are easier when one sits down to start it. Procrastination is the biggest roadblock for accomplishing goals. By following the ideas given, students can make the most of the time for writing and working, allowing for less stress and more time to do enjoyable activities.

Jordyn Catherall is from Herriman Utah, but is currently attending Snow College. She’s an English major who hopes to make it to Brigham Young University to complete her Bachelor’s and move on to becoming an author. She was a Sterling Scholar in high school, and is in the presidency of two clubs; Book Club and H.E.R.O.E.S Club. She’s an ambitious sophomore who is excited to take on Snow College.

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