What Types of Clubs Does Snow Have?

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Badgers in Business Club meet together to talk about future plans of their organization. Photo by Shayla Danielson

Club Rush took place during January 20-23 on the Snow College App. However, Snow College students are still able to join any of the clubs Snow is offering, it’s just a few clicks away. 

According to Faith Ward, a sophomore at Snow College, “[Snow College] used to have all the clubs show up at the Greenwood Student Center. The clubs would have posters and stuff to pique people’s interest.” 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions on social gatherings, Snow College was not able to do Club Rush like they used to. Now, with some new implementations, joining a club is as easy as downloading the Snow College App, going to the home page, clicking on “clubs,” and then choosing the clubs they’re interested in. 

Snow College has information about  50+ clubs on the app (though some of them aren’t active.) Most badgers will resonate with at least one of the clubs offered by Snow. The types of clubs at Snow College range from Business Club to Dungeons and Dragons club.

 Dakota Thompson is a member of the Dungeons and Dragons Club. Thompson says, “Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. Covid is making it impossible for [club meetings to take place] but group members communicate through Discord about the game.” 

Shayla Danielson is the vice president of the business club at Snow College. Danielson states, “[the club is for] improving our professional leadership skills. Some of the activities we do are; leadership training, service projects, case studies, tour, and learn about real businesses.”

Badgers have the opportunity to make new friends with similar interests as them through the clubs Snow College has to offer. Badgers aren’t limited to only one club, badgers can join as little or as many clubs as they would like.

Business Club members learning how to do business. Photo by Shayla Danielson

Kaylie Webster is currently attending Snow College and hopes to attain her Associate's in Science. While at Snow, Webster is also hoping to get her Communication certificate which is one of the reasons she is apart of the SnowDrift Newspaper. After Spring of 2021 Webster will be graduating and heading off to Utah Valley University to work towards her Bachelor's in Human Resource Management.

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