What’s Going on with Wanda & Vision?

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Jackee Peterson and Anthon Varga watching episode seven of WandaVision. Photo by Kiana Hill

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around for over a decade and WandaVision is one of their newest releases. WandaVision takes place in 2023 right after Avengers: Endgame

Quite a few Badgers have loved WandaVision, while others have felt confused and given up on watching the show.

Amelia Anderson, a Snow College student who has been a Marvel fan since she was 14 years old, shares, “My favorite part has been the mystery behind everything. The different twists are thrown in each episode which keeps you wanting more. It has been confusing, but I think that is part of what keeps me going back, to figure out the next portion of the story.” Anderson assures that though it’s confusing at first, things get explained in later episodes.

Snow College student Faith Ward has been a Marvel fan for eight years. Ward shares,“ I think [WandaVision] is amazing. I think if you want to stay in the MCU loop you definitely need to watch the show. It also might be the bridge to bring over the X-men into the MCU. I’m super excited to see what happens next!” 

Fellow Badger Dakota Thompson shares, “The cinematography is amazing, the costume designs are outstanding, and the writing is so good!” There’s a lot to love about WandaVision, but it might not be for everyone. New WandaVision episodes come out every Friday at midnight.

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