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Photo courtesy of: Jenessa Ruoho

Photo courtesy of: Jenessa Ruoho

The psychology club here at Snow is always popping with new events. Jenessa Ruoho, president of the Psychology Club said, “I love being able to connect with other students who share the same interests as I do. Some of my most memorable moments here at Snow have been either in one of my psychology classes, or during one of the events that the Club puts on. It’s a fun environment and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who loves all things psychology.”

Every year the psychology department takes a group of students to attend a national conference based somewhere in the country. This year seven groups, consisting of five people inside each group, will be heading to Denver, Colorado. This is an incredible opportunity for students here at snow, considering most universities only send grad-students and/or seniors to attend. Victoria Brown, a member of the psychology club, said, “I’m super excited for the conference to be here. I see it as such a neat opportunity and I’m really looking forward to it!”

Psychology in Popular Media is a class taught here by Professor Marsing. One of the favorite topics discussed in the class is the issue of stalking others. Different movies, books and music videos are analyzed throughout the class period in order to see the psychology behind why people act the way they do. It’s an hour where being enrolled in the class is not a requirement. Anyone is welcome. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in psychology and want a taste of what it consists of, listening in on this class would be a perfect opportunity.

Other events offered by the psychology club include breakfast and soup socials, sexual assault prevention classes and even a traveling psych lab, where students demonstrate psychology experiments with young kids. For more information, stop in and say hello to Professor Marsing in the Social Science building. Start up any conversation, even some-what related to psychology, and he’ll surely get excited to be talking.

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