Questions Loom in the Minds of (Wo)Men: What A Guy Thinks

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Colton Welch gazing off into nothing.  Photo by Olivia Bailey.

Colton Welch gazing off into nothing. Photo by Olivia Bailey.

This month, we approached several guys and girls on campus and collected questions they had about each other. We then undertook the task to respond to them, and this is what we came up with. Hope it satisfies!

Why are guys attracted to “mean girls”?

It’s because they’re manipulative. They’re good at making themselves seem like the victim and portraying other girls as the mean ones, which justifies their actions in our eyes. This also increases our urge to protect them. Once we find out they’re horrible though, we’ll probably leave them. It just takes time.

How do you friend-zone a guy without making it awkward?

You don’t. Sorry, but if he likes you, rarely will he ever be o.k. with just being friends. First world problems, right? Maybe over time you will become friends, but it will definitely be awkward at first, no matter how you do it! Sorry.

How can we tell when a guy likes us?

Usually if he goes out of his way to talk to you or be with you, that’s a good indicator! Guys will talk and be friendly to many girls, but if they make special efforts to spend time with just you, it’s a good sign.

Why do guys suddenly become interested when we back off? Because we idolize what we don’t understand and want what we can’t have! Just the fact that you’re not around scares us and makes us second-guess ourselves, which makes us work harder for you. Girls do it, too.

Why do you go on “pity dates” when you’re not interested in us?

Same reason you do: we don’t want to be rude! And sometimes it’s hard because we enjoy being around you, but we don’t necessarily want a relationship. It’s hard to find that balance, and we fail sometimes. You’ll have to forgive us for that one…

When guys say they are thinking about nothing, what are they really thinking about?


Does it bug a guy when we order a salad at dinner?

It bugs us when you don’t order what you want. Come on, we all like food! We’re in college! We want you to order what you want. If you legitimately want a salad, that’s fine! But don’t try to convince us you don’t eat anything to impress us. We’re taking you out for a treat, so humor us and order what you want! Please.

How often do guys shower?

I hope that we all shower everyday… If you think your boyfriend shirks this daily activity on a regular basis, dump him. That’s dumb! Just dump him.

Do guys like it when girls make the first move?

Let’s rephrase the question: Do guys like it when we feel like a girl is interested in us and wants to treat us to free stuff? The correct answer here is a resounding “Yes.” Guys need a little encouragement, too! I can’t say that we like this all the time but once or twice usually doesn’t bother us.


That’s all for now, I hope this was somewhat enlightening. Thanks for reading!

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